Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Get Your Adsense Account Unbanned In 5 Easy Steps

1.Try and determine why your account was banned. This is important because you need to know what happened before you can gather evidence. Google will not always tell you and many times they’ll tell you it’s because of “Invalid Clicks” which can mean anything under the moon. I’ve heard of accounts being banned because of a sudden increase in clicks due to a site hitting the front page of Digg and because a previous owner of a domain had his Adsense account banned.

2.Contact the Google Adsense team and be nice about it. If you’re email starts with “You Jerks at Google Banned My Account For No Good Reason,” then you’ll not likely get it unbanned before Hell freezes over. Your emails should be very nice and non-judgemental. Assume it was an honest mistake by Google, because it may very well have been.

3.Provide Proof Of Your Innocence.If you have a good idea of why your Adsense was banned, offer to give it to Google. This could be everything from server logs, a letter from the webhost or a WhoIs file. Be nice and politely show Google where they went wrong.

4.Have some patience.The folks at Adsense won’t be tripping over their self to get to your case. I’d be sending follow up emails every other day or so and checking on the status of the human review. Remember to keep them nice and polite. You may also want to keep offering to give them evidence. Try and show you really want to help in the investigation.

5.Persistence pays off. If you give up only after an email or two, then chances are you may never hear from them again. Stay with the follow up emails! Eventually they’ll get tired of you and either give you a Yea or Nay. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the oil!

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