Monday, June 22, 2009


Friends from Sankhu- Want to Earn Dollar on free time?
Online Earning is really easy. We all can earn by giving sometime on net. All we need a computer and internet connection. Online earning is the product of new technology. We all want to use internet and today is the age of information and technology. So we all use internet and in the same time we can also help our friends by seeing their ads.
All we need lots of friends who really think seriously about online earning. We need to make big circle of friends. Who help others to get help self.

All you need a gmail account first. If you already have gmail account then you can start bloggging.. To make a blog account you can go to you can use you gmail user name password to creat account. After creating blog account you try to make a simple blog or website. It is really simple. You can write about anything. Try to put some interesting things so that lots of people will visit your page. After creating blog you can create adsense account. It is also easy step. Go to Adsense and again you can use same gmail ID for user name and password. In form you have to put web address. which you created on blogspot. You account will approved with in 3 days. After you get adsense account you can get advertise from google adsesne. You can put those advertisement on your blog and you can easily publish post.. You refer your blog among your friends. When your friends see you blog and clicks on advertisement on your blog you will earn money.. So it is really simple step. If you need any help you are most welcome...

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