Monday, September 28, 2009

Advertise yourself

Doing just all of the above will be a waste if you don't tell the world about your online identities and presence so they can check you out. Try these proven but mostly under-utilised methods:

Your business card: Let it mention links to your profile, blogs, personal websites and addresses on the net. If it gets too cluttered, highlight only the most important.

Your email signature should also carry all these links; there is no problem of space here unlike in a business card. Every time someone gets a mail from you, let them link further to you at the click of the mouse.

Promote your blog: Blogs attract traffic on their own if the subject matter is popular and regularly posted. But this may take a long time. Visit other blogs on related subjects, and leave comments on posts there -- and add a link to your blog too. Also talk to other blog owners and carry links of each other's blogs on your respective ones. This will drive traffic to your blog and also boost your search engine rankings.

Check yourself on Google: Search for yourself from time to time, and see where you figure on Google. Go for do-it-yourself or professional Search Engine Optimisation -- these are structured ways you can use to boost your rankings. There is enough guidance on the net to tell you more about this.

Create a brand when you don't need it

Don't set out on a branding exercise only when you need to switch jobs or meet any other career goal. For best results, do so when you don't need it, because opportunities usually come knocking without an appointment and you should make it easier for them to find you.

Using the resources available on the internet gives you a chance to brand yourself and become more visible to the world that matters.

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