Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Which sites have proven to be the most successful commercially in India? Jobs, property and matrimonials top the charts and have already knocked the wind out of many a newspaper who relied on these segments as the mainstay of their revenues.
Where do you come in here? You can leverage these to service a client base not comfortable or knowledgeable about the net. And in India there is a sizeable population of this kind. And that is why you still have offline service providers for these segments despite the popularity of the sites. Here are some specific services you can provide:
Property: Indians are still vary, with justification, of property deals. They prefer dealing with real persons as middlemen and the person could be you. Sites like Magicbricks and IndiaProperties are rich with a database of both prospective tenants and buyers as well as properties on offer. You can tap into these and offer your services. There is no longer a need to send someone scouting all over town looking for vacant properties up for letting or sale. Your net connection and telephone can do most of the work, with visits scheduled once talks make headway.
Matrimonials: You could help people post on matrimonial sites and collect responses on their behalf – even providing print-outs of ‘matrimonial resumes.’ All for a fee. And commission from the site if they have such a facility.
Jobs: Start you own part-time placement consultancy. Again, like for properties, candidates and employers are all there. Use your social media networks to further tap into a global talent pool. And earn a fee every time you help place someone.

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