Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Ever wondered how the likes of IMRB and Nielsen carry out market research and polls on behalf of companies? They usually design suitable forms and send out people to gather responses from people. And then charge clients a hefty fee after they have processed and analysed the same.
You could do something similar for a much smaller fee. The consumer demographic these companies seek are usually to be found on communities like Facebook, Orkut, Ryze and LinkedIn. You can tap into these with online polls, surveys or even focus group interactions. Many of these sites offer easy to use polling tools, or you can use services like Zoomerang, SurveyMonkey and ConstantContact. These are mostly free for at least the basic functionalities, and charge a small fee beyond that.
The results may not be as scientific as what some of the bigger agencies, but they can still offer some valuable market insights for companies. And the turnaround time can be very low. Clients can always follow it up with more detailed surveys if need be.
You could go a step further and start generating industry specific surveys and selling these for a fee. They may not have been commissioned by a single client, but you could earn some good money even if you succeed in selling these to enough organizations.

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