Friday, July 31, 2009

Finding a job you love

Finding a job you love
“Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” – Confucius

If you want a job you love, at a remuneration you feel you deserve, you can take one of the many possible routes. The old fashioned ones are floating your resume amongst placement consultants, looking up newspaper career supplements, going to job sites or just asking around. All of these may work up to a point but they come with limitations.

The jobs on offer may not be what you like. Or not have the flexibility to make you happy about the prospects. More importantly, they may never come up on any of these forums. Your ideal position might be floating somewhere and you would be wandering elsewhere, and paths may never cross. Worse, the job may not yet have been formally defined by an organization but would be created if they were to meet someone like you. Again, what if you never meet?

This is where it helps to moonlight on social media. This includes not only professional networking sites like LinkedIn but social ones like Facebook too. Here are some sound reasons why these work:

Casual talk leads to things: When you network on these sites, it is akin to meeting someone offline at events or one-to-one and having casual conversations. You never know how one thing might lead to another, just like in the real world.

Explore one another: When you meet someone with the agenda of recruitment on the table, a certain level of stiffness and formality comes into play. However, social media allows one to know more about the other without alerting each other. Going through each other’s profiles and contacts, and even connecting with the latter to know more, takes care of a lot of groundwork initially and saves any awkward moments later.

Run background checks: Profiles and contacts also allow both sides to run a background check on one another and arrive at some conclusions, if not all, before further discussions.

Even Facebook speaks a lot: Your Facebook profile may be mostly about your personal life, but they are still a reflection on the kind of person you are. Just because you meet someone at a poolside party for the first time does not stop you from having some professional conversations and forming opinions about the other person. So it is for Facebook.

Discover a love for a job you did not know existed: More often than not, we know we are unhappy in what we are doing but do not know what will make us happy. This is where social media can help again. You may discover things people are doing or offering to others to do, and it may just strike a chord somewhere within you. Only when you hear of these could you realize that this is what you would love and have the capability to do so, or be able to learn how to go about it.

Your CV is not condensed: You can create an extensive CV effectively in the form of your profile, and interested users can filter the same for the desired

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