Thursday, July 16, 2009

Get work sitting at home

Get work sitting at home

Outsourcing is not reserved for just big firms like GenPact. Professionals around the world are making primary or secondary careers out of bidding for assignments from home from clients globally through websites enabling such a marketplace. And Indians are uniquely positioned to successfully bid for many of these, especially technical ones, for the same reasons that have made the country’s software industry what it is. High skills and lower rates are still in fashion.

E-brand yourself to professional success

It is not about who you know or what you know, but who knows what you know.

Every professional who has a healthy opinion of his or her capabilities will vouch for the statement above. So many of us miss out on growth and income opportunities in our careers only because we did not work on our personal brand equity.

Being successful is all about differentiating yourself from others. To do that you must brand yourself, just as any other entity (whether that be by way of logo or just reputation). There is no way you can present a well-rounded perspective of your personality, drive and positive qualities in a few hours or even a few months. Accumulating due credit for what you accomplish takes branding of some sort

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