Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Affiliate Marketing

You want to dabble with e-commerce but are not inclined to tie up with vendors, process payments, fulfill orders and manage complex books of account? Go for affiliate marketing.

This is how it works: You tie up with an online merchant like a computer store and carry ads of the latter on your blog. When any of your visitors clicks on these ads and makes a purchase with the merchant, you get a commission. It is all easily automated with a simple code you embed in your site.


Many individuals and organizations around the world have made thriving businesses out of content packaged in formats mentioned above. Much of it comes with a price tag, which can vary from a under a dollar equivalent to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. All depending on the nature of the content and target audience. When you sell books through the PoD model, the service provider quotes a price for printing and delivery and your margin can be any mark-up you decide for yourself.

Alternately, e-magazines and some other forms of content are also suited for advertising. Since the recipient is clearly identifiable, and circulation accounted for, advertisers can pay per view or download and thus maximize return on investment.


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