Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This is what we have all grown up believing since the dotcom got associated with stories of riches. Get the eyeballs, advertising will follow and you can live it up. This is how all media survives. If you have the audience, advertisers cannot ignore you.

The simplest way to start is to sign for a service like Google’s Adsense. Acting as a middleman, Google approaches advertisers all over the world and automatically places ads on blogs and sites that sign up with them. The advertisement that gets displayed is contextual to the content on the site, and it is all done automatically.

All you need to do is create a free account and get a code from them that you place in your site program. And the ads will start coming up. The more the number of people who view or click on the ad, the more revenue you generate.

It sounds great in theory but you have to have a lot of traffic to earn enough to feel good about. Few people know how Google decides the percentage to share with you, but it is a very small one for sure. The few cents you get per click will add up to something chunky only if you have people queuing up to read your blog. Not the smartest way to monetise your blog.

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