Thursday, July 23, 2009


There can be several compelling reasons why one needs to work on their personal brand equity including:
A feel of who you are: Similar to a company's brand, it gives people a feel of who you are. This is particularly important in this world of freelancers. Personal branding has always been important, sort of like ‘honour’ and ‘pride’ in the olden days. And then the Internet and media took over, not to mention we can't carry swords or revolvers anymore. The personal brand comes into play more and more as our physical contact with clients and business contacts becomes more brief, and often through some form of media other than in person.

Showcasing experience and abilities: Employees no longer work at the same company for the life of their career, and many don’t even stick to the same professions. The exposure and diversity they experience is very unlike what the earlier generations were exposed to. An online personal brand can thus be a showcase of one’s experience, capabilities and reputation.

Positioning: Most people do have their own vision of how they would like others to perceive them whether or not they are adept at personal branding. When one goes about personally branding oneself, it makes one’s efforts to implement that vision more efficient, and more likely to succeed. Especially when one wants that unique positioning to distinguish them from other people.

Publicity: This is about communicating to others in a believable and convincing manner ‘what it is that one is all about.’ It is not about shouting ‘Hey everybody, I am a Super Hero’ from the top of the roof on a regular basis. It is about creating opportunities for people to see one fly, see them save damsels in distress or watch them leaping tall buildings at a single bound when they do. In other words, getting others to notice what you achieve.
Putting a value to your worth: One always has a perception of one’s own self-worth. And then there is the market reality of supply and demand. Eventually what matters is how ‘scarce’ an item the Personal Brand succeeds in convincing that it is. And thus negotiating the best deal for oneself when it comes to remuneration, bonuses and fee.

Making people like and trust you: All things being equal, people will do business with someone they know, like and trust. Your personal brand, your online identity (as long as it's congruent) is a major way that people can get to know you, like you and trust you.
Putting a spin to self: In a way, personal branding is putting a spin on the self. Essentially, we are all politicians and we are all running for something. How well we spin determines how long we run.

Personal Branding is the most effective way to accelerate awareness of who you are, what you stand for and why others would want to connect or interact with you. Importantly, it flags the specific audience that you are trying to reach and helps them to perceives you in the most consistent, focused and relevant way. With a defined personal brand image and positioning, then everything you do and say can be directed to enhance and grow your identity and credentials among those most critical to you.
Courtesy : Digit Magazine CD

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